In Dragon Quest IX your mentor is the great Aquilla. Long ago he lost his master and fears of losing his pupil (you). He is quite strict but caring at the same time.


At the start of the game, Aquilla accompanies the hero (you) on his/her first flight over angel falls. The pair spot several monsters going to attack a pair of travellers who prayed to us for a safe journey.

Exhausted and near-death from his confrontation with King Godwyn, Aquilla is lying collapsed on the floor when the hero enters the room. He asks if we are an apparition, believing us to be dead. After the angered hero defeats King Godwyn, it would appear that everything ends well. However, when the hero's back is turned, King Godwyn, feigning death, goes to strike the hero with one of his tails. Aquilla, sensing that his pupil is in danger, leaps behind him/her, in front of King Godwyn. After hearing the conflict, the hero turns around to find Aquilla impaled and disappearing.